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Mini cupcakes at Cupcake in SC

Choose from our mini cupcakes (shown at left), regular cupcakes, mega cupcakes, and cake pops! Cupcake gift tokens make popular gifts, too. Scroll down for in-store pricing.

For large orders, please call us at least 24 hours in advance so we'll be sure to bake enough that day. All mini and mega cupcakes are baked to order.

(If you live in Charleston, too, now you can order cupcakes to be delivered straight to your door! Call 843.856.7080 to schedule a delivery. View our delivery pricing and other details.)

Order regular cupcakes from Cupcake SC

Regular cupcakescupcakeDaily flavors

$2.95 each or $32 per dozen

Order mega cupcakes from Cupcake SC

Mega cupcakes (6 inches around; feeds 6-8 people)cupcakeDaily flavors

$19.95 each

Order mini cupcakes from Cupcake SC

Mini cupcakescupcakeVanilla, chocolate, red velvet

$15 per dozen, 2 dozen min. order

Order cake pops from Cupcake SC

Cake popscupcakeVanilla, chocolate, red velvet

$2.25 each or $24 per dozen

Order gift tokens from Cupcake SC

A popular gift: Cupcake's signature gift tokens!cupcakeOrder online

$17.70 for six or $32 per dozen