Frequently asked questions.

Q. What is your most popular flavor?

red velvet cupcake A. Red velvet is our best seller!! It's an incredibly moist and rich cupcake
which is best described as a light chocolate cake topped with cream
cheese icing.

Q. Is everything in your store made from scratch?

A. It sure is! We use only the best ingredients we can find and buy organic ingredients when we can. We use only real butter, canola oil, whole milk, real vanilla beans, etc... We don't use margarine or any other types of oil or lard. We don't use preservatives, so our cupcakes are always going to be best the day you buy them!

Q. Should I refrigerate the cupcakes?

A. No, they will dry out more quickly if you refrigerate them. They're best kept at room temperature. If you plan to keep them for a few days you might want to store them in an airtight container.

Q. Do you have any cupcakes safe for kids with nut allergies?

A. We're sorry! Our kitchen is tiny and we do use nuts in a few of our recipes. Though most of our cupcakes do not contain nuts, we cannot guarantee that anything would be free from traces of them.

Q. Do you have any cupcakes that are dairy free?

A. Yes, our chocolate cake is actually vegan. Our icings are not dairy free, but we would be happy to sell you a chocolate cake without icing for only $1.75.

Q. Can I choose from any of your flavors if I order in advance?

A. Unfortunately, no. You must choose from one of the daily flavors.

Q. Do you make cakes?

custom designed cupcakeA. Yes, we do! We make a mega-cupcake which is a six-inch round cake that we ice just like our cupcakes: with a giant swirl of icing on top. These must be ordered 24 hours in advance and can be made in any of the nine flavors of the day. Mega-cupcakes are $18 each and feed 6-8 people.

Q. Can I get custom designs on the cupcakes?

custom designed cupcakeA. We try to keep things pretty simple at Cupcake! It really is all about the cake! However, we do have some fun toppings for the cupcakes to dress them up for special occasions. These edible decorations include: butterflies, flowers, safari animals, bride and groom pairs, care bears, clown faces and various holiday decorations.

Q. Do I need to order in advance?

A. If you need more than one dozen cupcakes, it really helps us if you call ahead. We can customize your decorations this way, too. If you need to have them topped with pink and purple sprinkles, we can do it! We can also have it all boxed up and ready when you come in. Calling us ahead of time helps us to figure out how many cupcakes to bake each day! Our mega-cupcake and mini cupcakes are baked to order and must be ordered 24 hours in advance.

Cupcake delivery orders should always be ordered at least 24 hours in advance by calling 843.856.7080. Delivery is on a first-come, first-serve basis, as we can deliver only a certain number of orders each day... so please get your order to us as far in advance as possible!

Q. Can I get the mini cupcakes in any flavor?

A. I'm afraid we currently only make the minis in vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cake.

Q. Can I get cupcakes for my wedding?

A. Absolutely! We do lots of wedding cupcakes. You can even come in for a tasting and try four of our flavors on us! We have a few different tiers for rent, too, if you need one. We now offer wedding deliveries for weddings in the Charleston area.

Find more information on our wedding cupcakes page.

Q. Can I have a party in your store?

A. We can host parties in our Mount Pleasant and Columbia locations only. Check out the parties page for more information...

We can also bring the party to you... spice up your party by renting our Cupcake Mobile.

Q. Can I order any Cupcake apparel online? I'd like to purchase one of your baby tees for a baby shower but I don't have time to pick it up.

A. Yes! Generally, almost anything you can purchase in our bakeries is available in our online shop, including our Cupcake apparel and famous gift tokens... with the exception of our actual cupcakes, which can now be delivered. (If you'd like one of our apparel items delivered along with your cupcakes, just ask when you place your order.) Visit our online shop here.