Cupcake deliveries in Charleston SC - sweet!

Cupcake deliveries are a great way to celebrate events at the office with your staff or coworkers, delight guests at parties and showers, or surprise your clients with a gift that's sure to please.

Delivery will be on a first-come, first-served basis, as we can deliver only a certain number of orders each day... so please get your order to us as far in advance as possible.

Where does Cupcake DownSouth deliver? How much does a delivery cost?

Cupcake delivery van - Mount Pleasant, SCWe currently deliver orders within 15 miles of our Mount Pleasant bakery in Belle Hall Shopping Center for a $5 base fee plus $1 per mile both ways. We deliver orders between 15 and 25 miles of our Mount Pleasant bakery for a $15 flat fee plus $1 per mile both ways.

Not sure if you're within 15-25 miles? Click here for a map of Mount Pleasant, click the "Get Directions" button, type in your address, and hit enter. It will show you the number of miles. (If you're outside this radius, please call us for a custom delivery quote.)

Please note, too, that we may need to charge more for more challenging deliveries. If parking (even temporarily for deliveries) is difficult in your location or you have a special request, please call us for a custom delivery quote.

Live or work downtown but can't get away to grab a cupcake? If your address is within the pink shaded area below, call us—we'll walk it over to you for a $5 fee. We do have a 3-dozen maximum on walking distance deliveries. To order a walking-distance delivery, call us at 843.853.8181.

Charleston SC cupcake delivery map - walking distance
[ Underlying map courtesy of Google Maps ]

Belle Hall Shopping Center walking deliveries

For Mount Pleasant folks... if you work in Belle Hall Shopping Center but can't get away to grab some cupcakes, we'll also walk them over to you! The same 3-dozen maximum and $5 hand-delivery fee applies. To order, call us at 843.856.7080.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. Our minimum delivery order is $30 plus the delivery fee.

When will my delivery arrive?

Your cupcakes will arrive between 11 and 4 on the chosen day unless you've made arrangements with us for a specific delivery time. (We'll plan our route each day according to the locations of delivery orders that day.) We currently deliver Monday through Saturday, excluding major holidays when our bakeries are closed.

Do you deliver wedding cupcakes?

Yes, we offer wedding cupcakes and can deliver them to weddings in the Charleston area. Find out more information on our wedding deliveries page.

Does someone need to be present to receive the delivery?

Good question! We always call the person receiving the cupcakes to make sure she or he will be there to receive the sweet surprise. We don't like to leave the cupcakes to sit outside, since in Charleston's climate they can easily melt in the sun (or droop in the rain) or tempt animals, neighbors, passersby...

If there's a safe place to leave the cupcakes and the weather permits, like an apartment complex main office or a front porch on a cool day, we're happy to do so. Otherwise, if your recipient won't be able to be there to receive the delivery, we'll keep them at our bakery for you or your recipient to pick up, and we'll refund your delivery charge. (If we do attempt to deliver the cupcakes and are unable to do because the recipient is not there and other arrangements have not been made with us, we do charge our delivery fee.)

Other questions?

Call our cupcake delivery team at 843.856.7080!